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CARACOOM is simple, convenient and efficient service that brings together car buyers and sellers online. It saves time, provides clarity and gives ultimate flexibility in making informed personal and business decisions. CARACOOM provides full information and complete transparency that let Car Dealers always make intelligent business decisions.

How it Works for Car Buyer:

  1. Buyer tells CARACOOM what car he/she would like to buy.
  2. CARACOOM invites local dealers to bid on Buyer request.
  3. Car Dealers start providing Buyer with quotes and/or information and since they can see each other’s quotes, their offers are going to be very competitive.
  4. All information is stored online in Buyer CARACOOM account and always available for review. For Buyer convenience every time dealers add any information to the request (quote and/or info), Buyer receives email notification from CARACOOM.
  5. If Buyer needs more information or wants to bargain more, it could be done online right from the Buyer's account.
  6. All quotes and negotiation information are easy to compare, so when Buyer sees the great deal (or two), all he/she has to do is print out the quote (or write down the request/quote numbers), and go to the dealer to complete the purchase.

How it Works for Car Dealer:

  1. Potential buyer tells CARACOOM what car he/she is interested in.
  2. CARACOOM creates quote request and places it into Car Dealers request queue, while sending them email notification.
  3. Car Dealers review and evaluate all information associated with that request. In addition to the usual information about that lead, requested car, time frame, payment method, etc. CARACOOM also provides information about existing quotes from other dealers, so every Car Dealer can review them, before committing to that quote request.
  4. If Car Dealer doesn't like what is in the request, request can be declined. There is no obligation to accept any request CARACOOM provides.
  5. Otherwise Car Dealer will be able to provide quotes and communicate with the potential buyer, negotiate the deal, while always being informed what other dealers are offering. More details...
Car Dealer Extra bonuses:
  1. FREE trial period.
  2. FREE used car online listings.
  3. FREE leads which you’ve dealt before with (even from another service).
  4. Deep discounts for being the first to provide the quote.